Do We Really Need More Articles Exposing Beth Moore?

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Yesterday I wasted an hour slogging through a blog post promising more information about Beth Moore. It was, to my disappointment, only a badly written regurgitation of the same charges against her that Michelle Lesley, Elizabeth Prata and I have made for several years. The spelling errors made it miserable to read. Frankly, I should have found more productive uses for my time.

Much has been written about Beth Moore’s deviations from Biblical Christianity. Elizabeth Prata is probably the foremost authority on Moore, and offers a vast archive of carefully documented essays detailing various ways that Moore violates Scripture. If you seriously wish to research Beth Moore, Elizabeth certainly supplies more than enough material to educate you.

In that respect, it’s needless (and a bit silly) to write the sort of post that I bothered with yesterday. Nothing new came to light, and the poor quality of writing would only convince Beth Moore followers that the writer isn’t credible. Sadly, the writer added nothing noteworthy to the conversation.

And yet, many people still believe that Beth Moore is a gifted Bible teacher.

So far, Beth Moore hasn’t blocked me from her Twitter feed (I’m sure that’s coming), so I regularly see hundreds of her followers adoringly affirm even her most ridiculous Tweets. When anyone dares to challenge her assertions, those followers defend her with a vengeance that makes my head spin and my heart break.

For all that has been written about Beth Moore, women and men continue to trust her as a reliable Bible teacher. Worse, her influence over leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention has caused the organization to veer leftward. Make no mistake: Beth Moore wields tremendous power.

And that power makes her dangerous.

She poses so much danger that writers like Michelle Lesley, Elizabeth Prata and myself believe we must keep warning our readers against her. Each of us would prefer to write about the wonders of God’s Word, but we see the recurring necessity of raising awareness that Beth Moore is  a false teacher to be avoided.

If you haven’t read the evidence of Beth Moore’s violations of Scripture, please check out Elizabeth Prata’s curation of articles. As new information arises, we will add to our writings without unnecessarily repeating what has already been written.

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4 thoughts on “Do We Really Need More Articles Exposing Beth Moore?

  1. I appreciate your work and pray you continue, but not sure this was a necessary thing to write an article about? Comes across a bit harsh imo. If this particular write-up you speak of was not done in an unbiblical way, then I’m not sure spelling errors or the fact it didn’t bring anything new to you are reasons enough to rebuke the likes of it. None of us are an authority over which faithful believer should warn about false teachers. Perhaps I’m not “hearing” you right?

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  2. I only briefly looked into the whole thing and found the huge difference in the tone of her Facebook page and her Twitter conversations very curious. It is like there are two different persons.


  3. As someone who just found your blog, yes, more articles about Beth Moore are needed. Her influence continues to grow, and more people need to be warned about her false teaching. Instead of being offended and accuse you of piling on, other sisters in Christ should be sensitive to the fact that just because they understand the issues about her doesn’t mean that everyone else does. There is too much at stake – especially for new believers – to remain quiet. Keep up the good work. Maranatha.


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