Saturday Sampler: November 17 — November 23

Rose Sampler 02

For a poignant picture of God’s sovereignty in the midst of tragedy, read Bennett’s Final Race and the God of all Comfort by Leslie Schmucker. Sometimes children are wiser than adults.

Nathan Bingham of Ligonier posts a short video of Burk Parsons answering the question, How Do Creeds and Confessions Help Us? This thought-provoking reply may surprise those of us who don’t attend confessional churches, hopefully encouraging us to study the historic creeds and confessions that have shaped church history.

Surely one little sin doesn’t matter. Leslie A refutes that faulty attitude with The Domino Effect in Growing 4 Life this week. Accept her challenge to examine yourself.

Short and sweet: Peter Krol posts 5 Ways to Read More of the Bible in Knowable Word. You’ll find this article to be wonderfully refreshing, and I believe you’ll be encouraged to read God’s Word in the midst of all types of circumstances.

The Jealousy & Envy Refresher that Eric Davis writes for The Cripplegate is, if I may be so blunt, convicting. But then, conviction leads to repentance, and that’s always a good thing.

Elizabeth Prata reaches back to July 2013 to make an encore presentation of What the Bible says about Dreamers in The End Time. If you find yourself considering the idea than God speaks to believers in visions and dreams routinely, I beg you to read this carefully documented blog post. Elizabeth faithfully draws from Scripture to make her case against trusting in mystical experiences.

Complimenting Elizabeth’s essay, Parking Space 23 runs The Holy Spirit & the ‘Ordinary’ Christian Life by Zach Putthoff. He emphasizes what the Holy Spirit actually does in the lives of believers.

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