Saturday Sampler: December 8 — December 14

Bell Sampler

When I see Ryan Higginbottom’s by-line on a Knowable Word post, I usually know that I’ll read quality material. Context Matters: Peace on Earth does not disappoint! Check out Ryan’s study on this familiar Christmas sentiment.

In When the “brand” becomes the THING, Tom at excatholic4christ superbly illustrates the difficulties in witnessing to people who are entrenched in false teaching. Tom doesn’t mean that we should be dissuaded from proclaiming the Gospel. Rather, he wants us to understand one of the reasons people resist our message.

The Last Day of an Unconverted Man by Elizabeth Prata isn’t Christmasy or lighthearted, but it brings some needed sobriety to us. I appreciate Elizabeth’s blog, The End Time, for courageously reporting on the topics that aren’t easy to hear. This piece exemplifies that courage.

I love the way Michelle Lesley takes everything back to God’s Word, as she does in Nativity Scenes and the Second Commandment this week. If you’ve ever struggled with depictions of Christ, the Scriptures she uses might offer clarity and encouragement. Be sure to read the closing paragraph, though.

It’s here! It’s here! The Christmas Ornaments (Part 3) by Leslie A is on Growing 4 Life to continue the story of Julie and her mysterious benefactor.

On the Ligonier blog, Nathan W. Bingham introduces a brief video exploring why The True God Became True Man by Robert Godfrey.  Dr. Godfrey makes some really interesting points. While I’m not sure I agree with one of those points, I’m glad it will encourage me to study the Incarnation more deeply.

Jesse Johnson, writing for The Cripplegate, adds fascinating insight into Christ’s Incarnation with Lessons from genealogy: expect the unexpected! I’ve never given thought to the perspective he brings out, but I praise God for demonstrating the Gospel through Messiah’s lineage. Things like this convince me of Sovereignty and predestination.

Anyone with a public platform (even if it’s nothing more than a Facebook account) could benefit from Rut Ethridge III’s post, (Anti)Virtue-Signaling, which appears in Gentle Reformation. It’s convicting — so much so that I toyed with the idea of not including it in this curation. I didn’t want to remind people of my sins in this regard. But it’s important to face our motives when we speak or write.

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