Saturday Sampler: December 22 — December 28

Snowmen Sampler

Like all legitimate discernment bloggers, Elizabeth Prata takes no pleasure in identifying problems with popular evangelical teachers. Yet she understands the necessity of doing so. She introduces her three-part series, Boundary Stones and Slippery Slopes: A discerning look at Jen Wilkin (links to the parts are included), by explaining how she researches for essays in The End Time. Please make this series a priority, and please pray for Jen Wilkin.

HT to Tim Challies for British Reasoning Takes Us Through the Looking Glass by Colin Smothers. Appearing in The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, this article gives yet another warning that Western culture has grown intolerant of  anyone who refuses to applauded the LGBT agenda. If you think America will escape this lunacy, you might want to think again.

Perhaps at this time of year it seems out of place, but Stephen Melniszyn did it anyway! What did he do, you ask? Go over to Vox Scriptura Vox Dei and read The End  of the Matter to find out.

Leslie A of Growing 4 Life concludes her serial Christmas story with The Christmas Ornaments (Part 5). What a satisfying ending!  If you’ve enjoyed the story — and I sure did! — please let her know. I hope she’ll be encouraged to continue her tradition of writing Christmas stories.

What do Ruth 1:16, Winston Churchill and the Incarnation have in common? SlimJim of The Domain for Truth answers this burning question. If you think history is boring, piece just might change your mind.

In celebration of her upcoming wedding anniversary, Michelle Lesley shares 27 Things I’ve Learned in 27 Years of Marriage as an encouragement to Christian wives. Happy Anniversary, Michelle! May your 28th year of marriage fill you with joy and bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I’ll admit it! I’ve been tempted — many times — to turn my back on Christianity. But Leslie Schmucker reflects all the reasons (from an earthly perspective) that I haven’t left the Lord. Why “Deconversion” is Not an Option reminds us of four compelling reasons for remaining faithful to Him, forgetting only that He keeps all whom the Father has given to Him.

As we move into the new year, let me recommend Worry less about which Bible Reading Plan to use and more about which Bible by Sharon Lareau of Chapter 3 Ministries. You’ll appreciate her guidance on how and why to choose a reliable Bible translation. She includes a link to information on which Bible versions are the most dependable. Have a Happy New Year of reading and studying God’s Word well!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: December 22 — December 28

  1. America has already sped past the Rubicon and gone way past the lunacy of the transgender delusion. Nine-year-olds are being given hormone blockers and cross-sex hormones; sex cosmetic surgeries are being down on fourteen-year-olds; children are being taken away from parents who don’t affirm their confusion; healthcare professionals are being prohibited by laws in nineteen states from saying anything that could be construed as “unaffirming;” children’s series consistently have gay or transgender characters; sex ed/health/social and emotion learning/anti-bullying curricula are telling kindergartners that just because they have the biology of a boy or a girl doesn’t mean that’s what they are. Recently, my nine-year-old grand daughter asked if God gender neutral, and she thinks she’s gay because she likes girls. There has never ever been an attack waged on children like the one we are witnessing today, and it’s global. Wake up church.


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