Not Every Blog Post Can Be Profound


My morning started early enough, actually. So I wrote some emails, thinking I could polish them off quickly. Still adjusting to my new wheelchair, I had decided to try typing without my back supports. Not the brightest decision when I knew full well that those emails were a day late already and I have an unforgiving deadline.

Halfway through the first email, I noticed that typing required a lot more effort than usual, and that the back pain was intense. But John was in bed recuperating from his own health issues this week. Getting up just to put cushions around me would have taken a toll on him.

Once I finished the necessary emails, I opened my personal email to find a letter from a church friend who is going through a severe trial. I guess I could have filed it to answer later. Maybe I should have. But I answered, probably ministering to my own spirit more than I ministered to hers.

Finally, I got through the remainder of my email. By then, John had gotten up and given me my back support cushions, so typing became easier and faster. But I was an hour late to start blogging.

I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions, believing that repentance should be a daily discipline, but I had told myself that I’d ease up on the Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday posts. It would have been easier to resort to a Flashback Friday today, but I just couldn’t.

I guess I should have. I feel somewhat like a poor imitation of Seinfeld, essentially writing about nothing.

There’s probably a way to turn this post into something spiritually edifying. Alas, I don’t know what it is. Hopefully I’ve entertained you a bit. Or at least given you an appreciation for my more substantial articles.

Do you think Flashback Friday would have been a better idea?

Yeah. Me too.

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4 thoughts on “Not Every Blog Post Can Be Profound

  1. I sometimes get the idea that you are a super Christian, like Paul always preaching and never tiring, It was nice to see you are human and struggle like the rest of us. This post was real..thank you.

    May we keep running this race with endurance, Jesus is coming back!


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