Saturday Sampler: December 29 — January 4

Reprising  an article written by the late R.C. Sproul, the Ligonier blog publishes A Practical Help for Bible Study to help us start the New Year. I love his connection between studying God’s Word and letting it transform our lives.

Denny Burk writes A postscript on a Twitter thread about choosing a college that challenges some of my ideas on the matter. I’m not sure I agree with every single point he makes, but his overall message is on target! Parents, please be alert as you guide your children in selecting the college they will attend.

I appreciate Erin Benziger for many reasons. Her post, Devotionals for the New Year, enhances that appreciation because she reminds us not to let devotionals substitute for the Bible itself. Erin blogs at Do Not Be Surprised as well as hosting the Equipping Eve podcast.

Please heed Jordan Standridge’s admonition to Trust the Bible Above Your Experience in The Cripplegate this week. If you don’t read anything else in this edition of Saturday Sampler, I beg you to read this one!

Have I managed to turn any of you on to Growing 4 Life, the blog that Leslie A writes? If you’ve never read this it, Twelve Things I’d Change if I Could Live my Life Over would be a splendid introduction to her writing! Leslie has a dedication to God’s Word that serves as a marvelous example to Christian women, and therefore her blog is essential in showing us how to grow in Christ.

For a practical lesson on What to listen for in a  (false) teacher, go to The End Time to glean some wisdom from Elizabeth Prata. You’ll find several helpful tips in her essay.

I’d never heard of having a word for the year, but I’m not very surprised at this evangelical fad. Michelle Lesley addresses the practice in The Mailbag: My word for the year is… with her usual dependence on Scripture and her ability to reason from it. If you’ve had any interest in having a word for the year, I dearly hope you’ll seriously consider what Michelle has to say.

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