Saturday Sampler: January 12 — January 18

For  a variety of interesting topics, see  The Mailbag: Potpourri (Home churches, Non-Calvinist authors, Memes from false teachers, Contrarian commenter?)by Michelle Lesley. I don’t know if I entirely agree with her view on home churches, but I don’t entirely disagree either. Her answer about contrarian commenters indirectly helps me with a situation on Facebook, though. In total, this post is well worth reading.

In an article for Caffeinated Theology, we learn How to Read Authors and Theologians with Whom You Disagree from David Norman. Don’t ignore his postscript — it’s particularly convicting and therefore helpful.

Reading Leslie A’s Growing 4 Life blog frequently forces me to ask myself hard questions, which makes me appreciate her. There Are Only Two Roads asks another hard question that those of us who claim to know Christ must answer. Praise the Lord for Leslie’s courage to help us examine ourselves!

Don’t make 2020  the year of Me, Myself and My Selfie, advises SharaC of Into the Foolishness of God. I’m so delighted to see her speak out against the popular idea that we ought to love ourselves first. Her post brings back some basic Christian concepts that have fallen out of fashion in recent decades.

Elizabeth Prata observes that Many mercies go unnoticed in the course of providence in an essay for The End Time. During my years as a Charismatic, I scoffed at the idea of providence, preferring to focus on miracles, but now I appreciate the way God providentially works in His creation. Elizabeth’s post explains the wonder of providence in ordering everything according to His purposes.

Teaching God’s Word is a tremendous responsibility, as Melissa Edginton of Your Mom Has a Blog testifies. She writes James 3:1 and the Trembling Teacher with wonderful balance to encourage us to look to the Lord rather than to ourselves.

The Reformation gave us men who returned us to truth, but it also gave us women who applied that truth in their personal lives. Writing for A Place For Truth, Simonetta Carr presents Mary Honywood and Her Flickering, Unquenchable Faith as an encouragement to those of us who struggle with doubt. Don’t overlook this piece.

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