If I Can’t Go To Barbados, I’ll Vacation At Home


Health issues have made travel unwise for me. I last traveled in 2005, when I visited my home state of California. My mom died nine years later, seeing me only in photos and one Skype conversation. Needless to say, I’m not taking a vacation to Barbados anytime soon.

But I want a break from blogging for a week or so. Not a full break, but a lighter schedule allowing me to do some things just for fun. I’ll still do Saturday Sampler, Sunday hymns and the Monday studies on Colossians, if only to keep your attention. I doubt I’d enjoy completely staying away from blogging, and I believe it’s important to maintain these regular features. Certainly, I should keep up my writing skills.

A the same time, I’ve noticed lately that I haven’t enjoyed blogging as much as usual. Posts take longer to compose, and fresh ideas seem more difficult to find.

The real tipping point came a couple weeks ago when John’s cousin expressed concern that I don’t take much time out of my day just to have fun. “Fun?” I retorted, “What’s that?” Hearing those words come out of my mouth shocked me, but it also made me realize that I have been driving myself a little too hard.

Maybe I’ll visit Barbados online, looking at websites and imagining myself relaxing on its beaches with John. Maybe I’ll read a few books, chat with friends on Facebook or play Scrabble against my computer. And maybe I’ll return to blogging with new excitement and energy, ready to honor the Lord through my writing.

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4 thoughts on “If I Can’t Go To Barbados, I’ll Vacation At Home

  1. Enjoy.. It is really important to ENJOY the life the Lord gave us, to Glorify Him. I need to also apply this to myself. Thank you for this post. Go have FUN!!! 💞


  2. I will pray that you come back to blogging rejuvenated, refreshed, reenergized and replenished. Enjoy your vacation!


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