Not Every Blog Post Can Be Profound


My morning started early enough, actually. So I wrote some emails, thinking I could polish them off quickly. Still adjusting to my new wheelchair, I had decided to try typing without my back supports. Not the brightest decision when I knew full well that those emails were a day late already and I have an unforgiving deadline.

Halfway through the first email, I noticed that typing required a lot more effort than usual, and that the back pain was intense. But John was in bed recuperating from his own health issues this week. Getting up just to put cushions around me would have taken a toll on him.

Once I finished the necessary emails, I opened my personal email to find a letter from a church friend who is going through a severe trial. I guess I could have Read More »

Lame Offerings And Representing A Holy God


Humans are imperfect. We all live with inherent sin natures that we can mortify only through the grace and power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Additionally, our very humanity places various limitations on us, assuring us that we definitely are not God. So I approach this article wanting you to understand that I know people make mistakes, and that Jesus was the only perfect offering that the Father ever received.

I also realize that the Old Testament requirements for perfect offerings had the ultimate purpose of demonstrating our inability to meet the demands of a holy God. Those required offerings pointed to Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God. We must always view the Old Testament offerings in those primary context.

Having clarified Read More »

Why I Started #TellUsBeth On Twitter, And How You Can Help

Dear Beth Moore

It’s been just over six months since Susan Heck, Michelle Lesley, Elizabeth Prata, Amy Spreeman and I published the Open Letter To Beth Moore asking her to clarify her position on homosexuality. Aside from some ambiguous Tweets and an admission that she softened her wording in the Kindle version of one of her books, she has never directly answered any of the questions we posed.

It’s odd hearing crickets at this time of year.

Beth doesn’t owe me, as an individual, an answer. She doesn’t owe Susan, Michelle, Elizabeth or Amy, as individuals, answers. I would even say that she doesn’t owe each of the 500+ women who signed the letter answers. Not as individuals.

However! Recently I reread Michelle Lesley’s post, The Mailbag: Questions about the Open Letter To Beth Moore. One point in particular made me think Read More »