Saturday Sampler: February 2 — February 8

Mushroom Sampler

For A few thoughts on discernment, you might head over to The End Time to see insights by Elizabeth Prata. Drawing from her experience as an investigative journalist, Elizabeth helps us understand the ferocious pushback she receives from the followers of false teachers.

What does an episode of The Crown have to do with the death of Kobe Bryant? SharaC of Into the Foolishness of God writes Moondust as a thoughtful meditation on the disappointing consequences of hero worship.

I’m with Michelle Lesley. Should we presume that our worship services are about Attracting God? Read her Scriptural response to this popular approach to church services.

Leslie A asks a provocative question: Did You Know Jesus Was Intolerant? Most people would sputter at the very thought! But Leslie A’s Growing 4 Life blog cares more about truth than about catering to popular opinion. Take a look at the Lord’s intolerance and see whether or not you tolerate too much.

Go over to Delivered by Grace, where Josh Buice explains Why Asking Women to Preach is Spiritual Abuse. I don’t recall seeing this particular aspect of the discussion before, but it’s worth considering.

The trouble with Elizabeth Prata is that she writes so much good stuff that it’s often impossible to have only one essay a week in Saturday Sampler. Is Christianity a relationship or a religion? demands a place in this week’s Sampler. Yeah, it’s really that good!

Sadly, the political climate in Australia isn’t very different than the political climate in the United States of America when it comes to LBGTQ issues. Stephen MacAlpine posts Christians: Do your beliefs make you unsafe to be foster parents? in order to alert us to the sticky implications of society’s push to have universal approval of sexual sin. MacAlpine raises some uncomfortable points — points that Christians can’t afford to ignore.

In his weekly contribution to The Cripplegate, Jesse Johnson writes Why Study Esther as a testimony to God’s sovereignty. See how this real life Cinderella story teaches us to trust the Lord’s involvement in our lives.

Melissa makes some intriguing observations about The Death of Decency in the American Mind that you might want to consider. No, I won’t give you any hints as to what her observations are — I want you to read it for yourselves. You’ll find her writing at Your Mom Has A Blog.

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