Saturday Sampler: February 16 — February 22

Untitled-1Amy Spreeman posted The State of the Conservative Christian Union from on Facebook this week,  and I appreciate the way Mr. Howard explains the various parties under the Reformed umbrella. I bookmarked this article to my browser, and I recommend that you do the same.

Please read the Testimony from an ex-Beth Moore follower: Lessons about Jesus, But not Jesus Himself that Elizabeth Prata shares on The End Time. If any of you still don’t understand why we warn against Beth Moore so often, this testimony and Elizabeth’s subsequent comments should supply insight into our serious concerns about this popular false teacher.  This testimony demonstrates why she is so harmful.

Like Michelle Lesley, I’m tremendously troubled and concerned about the Southern Baptist Convention. If I wasn’t physically disabled, I’d be begging my pastors and elders to send me as a Messenger to Orlando this June. If you belong to an SBC church, read Arrive Prepared: Resources for Messengers to the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. Pray about attending as a Messenger. If, like me, you can’t attend, please pray for our denomination.

Over on The Tulips & Honey Hub, Gina Cook writes Through the Narrow: Accountability to encourage us about receiving correction. She makes important observations that challenge our pride — always a good thing.

If you really want to read something scandalous, go to Parking Space 23 and see what John Chester preached to elicit The Great Gasp from his congregation. This scandal is every bit as serious as calling out false teachers, and may actually explain why evangelicals embrace false teachers in the first place.

L. Dorman, contributing to Conservative Resurgence: Voices, writes Women Preachers in the Southern Baptist Convention: But Wait, There’s Moore (Part 2) as a clear example of the eroding fidelity to Scripture threatening the SBC. And those of you who aren’t in SBC churches should pay attention. This sort of compromise could easily infiltrate your churches too.

As someone who struggles with the sin of anger, I appreciate Melissa of Your Mom Has a Blog for encouraging her readers to Surrender Your Right to be Angry with Your Spouse. I would add, however, that her counsel applies to other relationships as well. Singles, God also holds you accountable for your anger towards those who wrong you.

Writing for Reformation 21, William Boekestein authors Join or Die? to emphasis the necessity of belonging to a local church body.

HT to Erin Benziger for leading me to Learning to Be Careful with the Name “False Teacher”by Lara d’Endtremont. Writing for Women Encouraged, this blog post brings needed balance to the world of discernment ministry — a world that can ironically lack a lot of discernment.

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