Why COVID-19 Hasn’t Given Me More Time To Blog

TypingRegular readers have undoubtedly noticed a radical difference in the frequency of my blog posts. Gone are Saturday Samplers, and those Bible Studies on Colossians that I’d waited all summer to write have vanished. My schedule of seven articles a week has dwindled to two or three, and I’m recycling graphics more than ever!

While most bloggers enjoy more time to write courtesy of COVID-19, I lay captive to the compression fracture that prompted two visits to the Emergency Room just before the pandemic altered human life. Although I’m feeling better, I can only tolerate being in my wheelchair a few days a week.

Since I type with a headstick, there’s no way I can blog on my bedrest days.

Worse, when I actually am up and using my computer, I’m too busy sorting through email and blogging to read other blogs. Not only do I miss reading what my fellow bloggers write, but I can’t assemble Saturday Samplers!

I appreciate all the e-books and PayPal gifts readers have sent despite my decline in productively these past several weeks. Such generosity humbles me. I also appreciate those of you who have been praying. Your support makes me wish I could return to daily blogging in order that I might warrant your kindness.

I’m determined to get well. In the meantime, I’m determined to blog as often as I can. I simply ask for your patience during this time. And hey —  my decrease in blogging gives you time to catch up with those bloggers who are writing more than they usually can.
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6 thoughts on “Why COVID-19 Hasn’t Given Me More Time To Blog

    • Wish I had time to read your blog, Leslie. When I’m up in my chair, I have limited time — and I can’t read on my computer when I’m lying down because I can’t use my trusty headstick. It makes me feel so isolated from my fellow bloggers! I look forward to being in the chair more often, and to reading Growing 4 Life regularly again. It’s one of my favorite blogs, and I hope that my readers will check it out.


      • Thank you! I am so so sorry you are going through such a rough time. I wish I could come visit with you in person. Look forward to visiting with you often in heaven…however that works 🙂


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