Saturday Sampler: May 10 –May 16

Symetry Sampler 03

In Knowable Word, Ryan Higginbottom explains why We Need Humility to Study the Bible. He raises some points that I’ve never considered. Why don’t you see if he says anything that surprises you?

COVID-19 frustrates all of us, I think. Bryan Schneider provides helpful insight into our frustrations by writing Covid-19 and Biblical Balance for Gentle Reformation. No matter which side of the debate on the lockdown you’ve adopted, his article will challenge you to think Biblically.

What would Saturday Sampler be without a link to a post by Leslie A? This week in Growing 4 Life, she demonstrates that Attacking Messengers, Crucifying Dissenters, and Belittling Questioners has no place in Christian conversation on social media. I’ve been guilty of some of the behaviors  she discusses. Have you?

In TBT – A Second Opinion Tim Ferrera of Discerning Dad notes how eagerly we embrace what we want to hear, and yet how quickly we question anything that doesn’t appeal to us. I think his post deserves our attention and consideration. What’s your opinion?

Don’t miss Without Apology: 7 Reasons Not to Be Ashamed of the Hard Parts of the Gospel by Michelle Lesley. I love the way she encourages us to trust even the parts of Scripture that seem offensive to 21st Century sensibilities.

What Saturday Sampler would be complete without a post by Elizabeth Prata?  In  The End Time she writes Encouragement, Listen! Ladies, if ever we needed this message, it’s most definitely now!

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