Saturday Sampler May 18 — May 30

Not that I recommend the practice of women attending seminary, but I certainly approve of women reading and studying theology  on our own. Kim Shay of Out of the Ordinary reviews a book she read for one of her seminary classes, and I believe her review merits attention. Please read The Theocentric Nature of Revelation with your focus on the message itself. I pray more and more Christians will understand the book of Revelation from this perspective.

I definitely wholeheartedly recommend Growing 4 Life, the blog by Leslie A. Her  observations on The Nature of the Promises of God convict me, even as they encourage me and remind me to take a broader view of the Lord’s purposes in His promises. Don’t neglect this article.

Using her autism as an introduction, Elizabeth Prata writes Faces: Fallen, and angelic in The End Time to remind us how powerfully our faces reveal our hearts. Elizabeth’s writing gets more beautiful all the time, and this essay provides a particular example of that beauty. It also challenges me to watch my heart, lest my sin disfigure my face.

Being over 65, I eagerly read How Senior Adults Can Love the Church During COVID-19. Melissa in Your Mom Has a Blog. She does understand the frustrations I feel as people of my generation don’t get to enjoy the new freedoms afforded to the rest of the country, but she wonderfully explains how we can show love to the rest of the church by adhering to the restrictions placed on us.

Jesse Johnson exposes The real problem with Be Kind, Please Rewind theology for The Cripplegate in order to examine a fundamental problem with objecting to the doctrine of election. Before you dismiss his article as dry and academic, why don’t you give it a chance? It could be that — like me — you’ve never looked at this particular angle.

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