Saturday Sampler May 31 — June 6

For an interesting discussion on how Christians should use our speech, check out Better Faithful Than Free by Tim Challies. Enough said!

Josh Buice, writing in Delivered By Grace, gives a few Perspectives on Prayer From Faithful Examples for our consideration. Some of the quotes he includes are quite intriguing.

To address the recent resurgence of confusion over the role of women in the church, Tami Dykes writes Through the Narrow: God’s Law is the Same Outside the Building Too for Tulips & Honey. Her comprehensive article brings out aspects of this topic that I’ve never seen — and I’ve been studying it for over 45 years.

In response to the chaos swirling around America lately, R. Scott Clark of The Heidelblog writes Fear And Loathing At Pentecost to redirect our attention to the Lord. You’ll find much needed refreshment through his insights.

Using common sense, Leslie A reminds us of The Only Solution with her Growing 4 Life post. She backs each of her points up with Scripture in a way that encourages us to think Biblically.

Can You Spare Some Change? asks Sharon Sampson in her piece for Gentle Reformation. She’s not asking for donations, though — she’s asking about something that will benefit you.

Michelle Lesley reprises her article, Seven Reasons 1 Timothy 2:12 Isn’t the Crazy Aunt We Hide in the Closet when Company Comes Over — and it’s just as pertinent now as it was two years ago! I love Michelle’s firmness on this issue. It discourages me to see Christian women waffling on it.

Elizabeth Prata offers a beautifully encouraging perspective on current events in Throngs around the throne in The End Time. Maybe each of us should follow her example as we watch the terrible things befalling our civilization.

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