Saturday Sampler: June 7 — June 13

You’ll like Ryan Higginbottom’s article for Knowable Word this week, I think. Context Matters: Perfect Love Casts Out Fear not only explains a difficult (and often misused) verse, but it encourages those of us who struggle with assurance of salvation. If you’d like to read something that builds your confidence, this will certainly fit the bill.

Looking at recent events, Clint Archer of The Cripplegate uses God’s Word to show us Why Looters Loot during riots. I don’t think many people have this understanding (I certainly didn’t), but once you read his post, it seems obvious.

It’s a popular notion that God is the God of second chances. But Lessons Learned: You Don’t Always Get a Second Chance by Erin Benziger questions that idea, using an example from Scripture to substantiate her premise. She’s currently writing a series on lessons she’s learned in her blog, Do Not Be Surprised.

Each of the guys who blog for The Cripplegate is worth reading, but I especially like the stuff by Jordan Standridge. This week he issues A Plea to Christians who Protest that contains rather unexpected counsel. Unexpected, but highly important!

With compelling honesty, Elizabeth Prata writes My silly reluctance to read the Bible in The End Time. Don’t mistake her essay for a cathartic exercise on her part, though. She makes a point that works to encourage and benefit all of us.

Three Things Christians need for Social Media Today by SlimJim of The Domain for Truth is just a few short paragraphs long, but those few short paragraphs say quite a lot.

SlimJim also writes Officer Chauvin and the belief that morals are up to the individual as a challenge to postmodern thinking. He asks insightful questions that maybe more of us should ask in our evangelistic conversations with unbelievers.

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