Saturday Sampler: June 28 — July 4

Statue of George Washington

Already, I know that The Peculiar Idol of Personal Opinion by Melissa of Your Mom Has a Blog is the article I most recommend this week! She confronts us squarely, saying things that those of us on social media desperately need to hear.

Jarod Olivetti’s article, The Danger of an Open Bible, may surprise you at first, but he makes points that we all need to consider. You can read his post at Gentle Reformation.

Usually Leonardo De Chirico’s writing for The Vatican Files tends to be academic and a little dry. But Inter-Faith Prayers for the Pandemic to Cease? What is at Stake is Bigger Than What You Think is much more readable. More importantly, Christians need to understand why we can’t join our prayers with people who don’t believe the Biblical Gospel.

Statue of Paul Revere

Sometimes the truth is so familiar that we take it for granted. In doing so, we almost forget its richness. In her essay for The End Time, Elizabeth Prata explores the truth that The word of God is living as she examines the various implications of Hebrews 4:12. Don’t miss her marvelous treatment of this well-known verse.

You might find SharaC’s thoughts on current events interesting. Wielding and Yielding appears in Into the Foolishness of God, offering a perspective that few of us consider.

What Is Self-Discipline? asks Steven Lawson in an article for the Ligonier blog. His answer challenges us, convicts us and comforts us all at the same time. I realize that self-discipline isn’t a popular topic, and most people would probably want to skip this article. I encourage you to read it anyway. His conclusion just might surprise you.

Grave of James Otis — “Taxation without representation is tyranny!”

I appreciate SlimJim for providing Starter Questions for Evangelism on his The Domain for Truth blog. He writes this post specifically for those of us who struggle with evangelism. As someone inept at witnessing face-to-face, I feel encouraged to try some of these questions. Maybe the Lord will use them to inspire you to share the Gospel with people in your sphere of influence.

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