Breaking A Blogging Rule Because I Do It So Well (And Because I Don’t Want To Do A Flashback Friday)

Earlier this week I noticed an article on Pinterest about five rules that Christian bloggers should never heard break. Actually, none of the rules seemed specific to Christian bloggers — the main thrust seemed to be about growing readership.

Because you, dear readers, apparently exist to make me a famous blogger. Right?

(Please note the sarcasm in that last paragraph.)

Anyway, the first rule mandated reserving personal updates for a blog’s social media page. Personal updates, according to the writer, have a limited shelf-life, and therefore aren’t good for Search Engine Optimization.

And her point made sense. At least it made sense if a blog is first and foremost a business rather than a ministry.

In some respects, I treat my blog as a business, I admit. Not to gain financially, but to discipline myself to write as consistently as my circumstances allow. I try to serve my readers by maintaining a schedule that they can trust.

Circumstances right now don’t allow much consistent blogging. Although I have fewer days in bed with my compression fracture than I had a month ago, I still take days here and there to rest my back. As a result, the following day I have a mountain of email to sort through.

To complicate life, I’m now without PCAs for weekday mornings or evenings. The Lord is faithfully providing friends and family to help, and I praise Him for those women. But often it means accommodating their schedules. And that accommodation sometimes shortens my time at the computer.

Today I spent time modifying my ad on Craigslist, while John has been trying to contact local churches and colleges. We suspect people collect more money on unemployment, and therefore have less incentive to work.

We’ve had two interviews. Both ladies declined our job offers.

Our PCA Training Skills specialist at Boston Center for Independent Living says we’re doing everything right, which encouraged us. That man gives wonderful moral support. But we can only use the MassHealth agency if I lose my weekend PCA as well. And that should be a last resort.

A week ago, I felt nothing but despair. In the last two days, the situation has worsened, but I find myself trusting the Lord more. My pastor counseled us to read Psalms, and the Lord has been using them to build my faith.

So I’ve broken the first alleged rule of Christian blogging to let you know that I may miss a few days of blogging until this situation gets resolved. Not all of you see The Outspoken TULIP Facebook page, so I wanted to post here. If doing so makes me a poor blogger, that’s the least of my problems. Maybe you’ll be encouraged to read Psalms in response to your own problems because I broke this supposed rule.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking A Blogging Rule Because I Do It So Well (And Because I Don’t Want To Do A Flashback Friday)

  1. Praying for you. I’m not on Facebook, so I appreciate the update here. I don’t know or care about blogging rules either. 🙂


  2. Thank you for “breaking the blogging rules”. As a sister in Christ, I care as do many others for your personal concerns. You and John will continue to be in my prayers.


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