Saturday Sampler: July 5 — July 11

I’m delighted that Ryan Higginbottom explains The Dangerous Consequences of Ignoring Context for Knowable Word. His article provides great insights that few Christians ever consider.

Life is ticklish for Christians these days. In The Mailbag: Guess who’s coming to (the women’s ministry) dinner?, Michelle Lesley tackles a difficult question that wouldn’t have occurred to anyone even five years ago. Did I say difficult? Michelle helps us see that the Bible makes the answer uncomfortably simple.

Sometimes Leslie A gets under my skin! She irritates me because I know she’s absolutely right in the articles she writes in Growing 4 Life. For example, Christian, How Are You Responding? nails wrong reactions I’ve been having to various upheavals in my personal life. My flesh doesn’t like much of what Leslie says in this blog post, but I praise God for her refreshing conclusion! Ladies, you won’t regret letting her get under your skin.

The Ligonier blog features How Do We Become Spiritually Mature? by John MacArthur. None of us is so advanced in the faith that we can’t benefit from this article.

Evangelism can discourage and frustrate even the best of us. Mike Ratliff, who blogs at Possessing the Treasure, writes God Will Judge the Ungodly as an encouraging reminder that the Lord reaches those He calls to salvation, asking only for our faithfulness.

Responding to a recent New York Times article, Tim Challies examines the question, Are Churches “A Major Source of Coronavirus Cases?” Usually I try not to share posts of this nature — even though I tend to agree with them. But Challies raises points that I strongly believe we must consider. If you disagree with him, okay. I’ll not think less of you. But at least hear him out. It’s important to think about his perspective.

Elizabeth Prata asks, How do I know if I lack spiritual discernment? in The End Time. She answers this question by reviewing five common objections to discernment ministry and refuting those objections from Scripture.

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