Saturday Sampler: July 19 — July 25

Does it bother you when people quote a Bible verse without any concern for context? Or, like me, do you struggle with quoting Scripture out of fear that people will take it out of context? If so, How to Share Scripture While Respecting Context by Ryan Higginbottom of Knowable Word is for you! I’m looking forward to his follow up blog post.

John and I can’t attend church right now due to our disabilities and age. We hate this separation from our church family, and desperately wish we could join our brothers and sisters who have been able to attend services. As Michelle Lesley says in The Mailbag: Is it Time to Go Back to Church After COVID Quarantine? each family has different circumstances to weigh as they make this decision. Her use of Scripture may offer you help in determining what to do.

Although Biblical discernment is about more than warning against false teachers, it’s not about less. In The End Time, Elizabeth Prata explains how False Doctrine is like John Prine’s song Bruised Orange to remind us why we must keep telling people the very real dangers of doctrinal error. Elizabeth writes this essay with amazing humility and compassion without compromising her convictions.

Can the Church be Perfected by social justice? Mark McIntyre of Attempts at Honesty gives a brief, but insightful answer to that question. His post primarily addresses church leaders, but all of us need to hear this reminder of our true mission as Christians.

Writing for The Ploughman’s Rest, Chris Thomas offers Advice To A Keyboard Crusader that could save us a lot of grief on social media. I’m glad he tempers his overall counsel by recognizing that there are times when Christians do need to speak up. Still, I think his perspective warrants attention. HT to Tim Challies for leading me to this one.

I’m only now seeing Warfare Worship & Unbothered Christianity by Summer Jaeger of Sheologians, but it’s well worth posting this two week old article. It reinforces my conviction that most of the old hymns are preferable to much of contemporary praise music because they help us learn Biblical doctrine. This blog post is definitely my pick of today’s Saturday Sampler — please don’t ignore it.

On the Ligonier blog, John MacArthur writes an unusually illustrative explanation of why we should Pursue Integrity Relentlessly as Christians. And integrity demands that I acknowledge Tim Challies for posting this item on his blog for me to find.

Speaking of John MacArthur, his statement entitled Christ, not Caesar, is Head of the Church addresses extremely serious encroachments that California’s governor is making on churches in that state. You may think, “Well, that’s California — it’s always been a little whacky.” But California tends to be a leader in policies that come to the rest of the country. This post on the Grace to You blog is essential reading to anyone serious about the future of the Church in America.

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