Saturday Sampler: August 2 — August 8

Three Ice Cream Cones

Writing for Knowable Word, Ryan Higginbottom warns that Ignoring Context Can Lead to Heresy as he cites two instances of Jehovah’s Witnesses misusing God’s Word. Pay attention to his warning — it could protect you from falling into false teaching.

I love how Michelle Lesley uses Scripture to support everything she writes. In The Mailbag: Masks in church — Do I submit to my husband or my pastor? she answers a woman with clarity and gentleness. She gives the correct answer, by the way.

Gavin Ortlund recently wrote a blog post criticizing John MacArthur’s defiance against the governor of California. I appreciate Phil Johnson’s respectful, yet firm. response. Not Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together appears in Pyromaniacs, and links to Ortlund’s post in the first paragraph. Thankfully, it corrects a misunderstanding about one of MacArthur’s remarks, giving clarity to the matter.

Math is Not Relative But Critical Theory is, explains Chris Hohnholz of Slave to the King. If you’re confused about what Critical Race Theory is and why it contradicts the teachings of the Bible, you really need to read this piece. Hopefully Chris and his friend Rich Story will follow up on this issue in their Voice of Reason podcast.

As usual, Elizabeth Prata offers a well-documented presentation entitled Mourning the lost — Catholics on The End Time this week. You’ll appreciate her tips and resources for helping Roman Catholic loved ones understand the true Gospel.

HT to Tim Challies for linking to a Reformation 21 article that I somehow missed. Stand in the Day of Trouble by Jeffery Stivason doesn’t whitewash the threats we face as Western civilization dissolves into outright rebellion against God, but he does remind us of our responsibility. This article, ladies, is exactly what I try to communicate through The Outspoken TULIP.

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