It’s Friday, And I Have Too Much To Blog About

Cartoon drawing of a snail

Today started off well. Massachusetts General Hospital called bright and early, saving us the trouble of calling to reschedule my procedure Monday. The RIDE is getting a new software program this weekend, so we know taking it into Boston Monday would have been a massive nightmare. Anyway, I got to my computer relatively early, and opened my Bible on eSword.

eSword includes a feature that allows me to keep a prayer list. I know some people equate prayer lists with Rosary beads with their rote petitions, and that danger is certainty present. But I struggle to stay focused in prayer, so my prayer list gives me needed structure. I’ve recently taught myself how to use my list as a guideline while enjoying rich fellowship with the Lord.

So I had a refreshing time of prayer as I prepared to study God’s Word.

I decided to use today’s time in Scripture to study Colossians 1:21 in preparation for Monday’s blog post. That’s when I started pressing incorrect key combinations on my computer, eating up 15 minutes and throwing my schedule off track. Once I figured out the problem, the verse opened up to me, inviting me to look at commentaries and cross-references as I typed notes. It was an exciting Bible study time, but it took way more time than usual.

After that, I wanted to do something for my sister’s grandchildren, which took longer than I thought it would. But I sure had fun doing it!

Following that, I received a heartwrenching email. I considered waiting to answer it, but I really wanted to let my friend know I understood her feelings and to offer encouragement.

All that to say I didn’t get to my blog nearly as early as I wanted.

I’ve had two blog topics in mind for today. Both would require extra time for me to compose because I’d need to look up several Scriptures and either quote or link to them. You probably don’t realize how time-consuming it is for me to put Scripture references into blog posts. Not that I mind doing it — I don’t. But when I write something with a good amount of Scripture, I need to budget at least five minutes per reference, and often longer if I can’t remember the chapter a verse is in.

Writer’s block definitely wasn’t my problem today. I had two excellent post ideas, and felt excited about both of them. I was, of course, even more excited about my little project for my niece’s children.

Sometimes blogging challenges me because I have more to say than time to say it. Today blogging challenges me for that reason. And my desire to be a better Aunty Deb and a better friend to others complicates matters. But those blog posts won’t stay locked inside my head beyond next week. They will come out, brimming with Scripture references and quotes. There’s just too much to blog about for me not to blog.

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