Saturday Sampler: August 9 — August 15

If you want Good advice in turbulent times, visit Attempts at Honestly for wise words from Mark McIntyre. This one reminds us where our focus really belongs.

The time is short, warns Elizabeth Prata in an essay for The End Time this week. Eschatology is one of her areas of expertise, so I highly recommend that you give serious attention to what she has to say.

Ouch! As someone who is trying to repent of reckless behavior online, I feel a bit of sting from Keith Mathison’s Causing Little Ones to Stumble in Light In Dark Places. What do your children learn from Christian posts on Facebook and Twitter? I found this one courtesy of Tim Challies.

Speaking of Tim Challies, his post on Why You Really Need To Be Praying For Your Pastor pulls back a curtain on the extra pressures pastors face because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pastoring is difficult in the best of times. So be more diligent than ever to pray for your pastor — we most assuredly aren’t living in the best of times.

Reaching into her archives, Michelle Lesley posts Throwback Thursday ~ 4 Ways We’re Getting Women’s Discipleship Wrong, and How We Can Get It Right! Michelle writes with passion because of her overwhelming desire to see women properly trained to serve the Lord. Her thoughts remind me of why I write weekly Bible Studies on Colossians.

Peter Krol of Knowable Word writes Job: How to Fear the Lord When Everything Falls Apart at a time when everything really does seem to be falling apart. This outline of Job encourages us to find practical help as we study God’s Word.

I must include a second post by Elizabeth Prata. Why John MacArthur’s people are strong challenges us as we see the beginning of real persecution on American soil. Even if you disagree with MacArthur’s actions (though I don’t know why you would), consider Elizabeth’s applications. We live in serious times, and we need to answer the questions that she poses.

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