Saturday Sampler: August 16 — August 22

Commenting on Modern Day Idolatry in Slave to the King, Chris Honholz examines the way some evangelicals have embraced Critical Race Theory. I appreciate his forceful writing almost as much as I appreciate his excellent application of God’s Word to the Social Justice Movement.

Would Elizabeth Prata use The End Time to write about children building sand castles? Read The surety of Christ to find out. Besides tips on two great beaches to visit, you’ll get a good reminder of how to prepare for eternity.

Reprising an article she wrote three years ago, Michelle Lesley explores Bible Backgrounds: Why You Need Them and Where to Find Them as an encouragement to women who feel inadequate about personal Bible Study. Please, ladies, read this post and start digging in to God’s Word.

In a contribution to the Grace to You blog, Jeremiah Johnson lists 7 Qualities to Look for in a Church. Please note his encouragement to be involved in a local church as soon as this pandemic allows.

Thanks to TimChallies for including Mike Leake’s What Does It Mean That People What Deeper Bible Study? in his A la Thursday Carte selection this week. I’m not entirely sure I agree with Leake, but he certainly presents a perspective worthy of consideration. He blogs at Borrowed Light.

Pastor Tedd Mathis, writing at teddmathisdotcom, shows us 13 Places Where the Bible Uses the Word ‘FOR,’ And Why It’s Important To Your Salvation. He explains why the doctrine of penal substitutionary atonement has very practical and eternal implications for each of us.

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