Saturday Sampler: August 30 — September 5

Hopefully, regular readers of The Outspoken TULIP understand that Scripture absolutely prohibits women from acting as pastors. Sometimes, however, it gets confusing, as Michelle Lesley shows us in The Mailbag: Female Pastors – False Teachers or Just Sinning? Michelle’s insights into this question can help us understand the danger of letting women into the pulpit.

In a post for Reformation 21, Amy Mantravadi writes Justification: The Roman Catholic View to draw the distinction between Catholic and Biblical understandings of justification. If you care about discernment, you need to familiarize yourselves with this very basic division that sets Catholicism outside the realm of Biblical doctrine.

I’m not sure many Christians seriously believed those of us who have been warning about persecution. But in Grace Community Church evicted (from parking lot): how long before harassment like that happens to your church? Elizabeth Prata of The End Time confronts us with the reality that American culture has lost its tolerance for religion.

Christian, the Government Isn’t Going to Save Us warns Leslie A of Growing 4 Life. She’s so right! You’ll want to read through to the end of her article, where she offers wonderful encouragement from Scripture.

Let’s have a second Elizabeth Prata essay, shall we? She answers a Reader Prophecy Question: What about seeing visions and praise in the last days? Since I’ve been a cessationist, I’ve struggled with this passage from Peter’s sermon in Acts 2 (my Charismatic friends just love throwing it at me), so I appreciate Elizabeth’s reasoned answer drawn from Scripture.

Sharon Sampson contributes Landing & Standing to Gentle Reformation as a reminder of why we must stay grounded in Scripture. Generally, I’m not a fan of devotional type articles, but this one is hard to resist.

R. Scott Clark of The Heidelblog quotes once from the Heidelberg Catechism and twice from the Westminster Larger Catechism to answer the question: What Is God’s Will For You In The Ninth Commandment? In the nastiness of social media, we’d all do well to seriously consider the words of these catechisms and to adjust our behavior accordingly,

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