I’m Not Letting Go Without A Fight!

Not only do I type with a headstick, but I drive my power wheelchair with my face. Having a strong neck is crucial to my daily function, particularly as a blogger.

So you can probably guess that the severe neck pain that I’v been feeling since a week ago yesterday has alarmed me and John considerably.

We got Blue Emu last night. I tried my first application this morning, and so far I haven’t had any significant relief. Some reviews said it works immediately, while others said it takes a few days. Still others said it was a complete waste of money. So I’m asking the Lord to let it work for me. So that I can keep working for Him.

In my case, blogging is more than a hobby. Admittedly, I enjoy writing, and blogging gives me the opportunity to make my writing public. I don’t have enough followers to interest a book publisher in sending me a contract, but I have a fairly decent sized audience. And hopefully I encourage that audience to open their Bibles in order to develop discernment.

This desire to teach women discernment skills by helping them understand sound doctrine moves my blog from a mere hobby to a ministry. Maybe not the most effective blogging ministry on the internet, but the blogging ministry that God has given me. He calls me to be faithful in this little cubicle of cyberspace, leaving the breadth and scope of the ministry to Him.

I realize that, in His sovereignty, the Lord could put an end to my blogging career. Of course He has every right to bring it to an end.

But in these last days before Christians are expunged from the internet, I find it difficult to believe that God would take away my ability to blog. Precisely because I’m small potatoes, the censors won’t find me as quickly as they’ll find more well-known Christian bloggers, thus motivating me to keep blogging.

Do I want neck pain to keep me from using my little blog for the Lord? Actually, no. I may not be the most effective blogger in His army, but I want to be available to Him.

You know? I think the Blue Emu might be starting to kick in!

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6 thoughts on “I’m Not Letting Go Without A Fight!

  1. Debbielynn,
    You have good and valuable words for us. I am praying that you will have the relief you need to continue with your blogging. May God continue to bless your ministry.



  2. Praying you can find relief! I would greatly miss you in the blogging world. (Btw, Biofreeze roll-on definitely helps my neck pain. Maybe worth a try if the BlueEmu doesn’t work…😊)


  3. I’m praying for you too. Your blog has been a huge encouragement to me in my walk with the Lord. I appreciate your straightforwardness, and I’m gleaning from the grace of God that seems to flow through your words.


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