The Roarings Of Woke Evangelicals

More and more, evangelicals demand all manner of social justice. The predominant issue is reparations for racial inequality, but the umbrella also covers women’s rights and LBGTQ concerns. The Black Lives Matter crusade is actually a cleverly marketed program to transform the culture into a Marxist society.

People are buying it because they’ve ignored history to the point of not understanding that socialism really amounts to communism, and communism is infinitely more oppressive than the alleged systemic racism and binary patriarchy of our present culture.

Although it troubles me that non-Christians embrace this velvet gloved Marxism, I can understand how they fall into such deception. It bothers me to a far greater extent that evangelicals (even some within the Reformed camp) have jumped on various corners of this bandwagon, many going so far as to claim social justice as a Gospel issue.

I thought of this dangerous false teaching as I worked through Psalm 74 this morning.

Your adversaries have roared in the midst of Your meeting place;

They have set up their own standards for signs. ~~Psalm 74:4 (NASB)

Like so many other false teachers, these social justice warriors roar in our churches, preaching a false gospel that white people must perpetually pay for the racist sins of our ancestors. Of course, we can never really hope to atone for our whiteness, but the penance still must be performed.

This insistence that white people (and perhaps white Christians in particular) is completely antithetical to the true Gospel. In the first place, it holds white Christians responsible for sins that other people committed hundreds of years ago. In contrast, God holds us accountable for our own sins, which already defy our ability to make atonement.

So, in order to understand the Good News of the Gospel, we must first understand the bad news that all human beings (except Jesus) are sinners by nature and by choice (Rans 3:10-20, Ephesians 2:1-3). As such, every person rightfully deserve to spend eternity in hell (Revelation 20:15). Again, we are condemned for our own sins, not sins that our ancestors may or may not have committed.

God, to rescue us from His own wrath, came to earth in the Person of Jesus Christ and shed His innocent blood on the cross to atone for the sins of all who trust in Him (1 John 4:9-10, John 3:16). But He rose again, displaying His victory over sin and death (1 Corinthians 15:20-26).

The Lord calls us to respond to His death, burial and resurrection by turning from sin (Acts 2:38) and by placing our faith in Him (Romans 10:9). Jesus bore all of God’s wrath on the cross so that we could be considered righteous (Romans 5:6-11).

Clearly, the Gospel points us to God’s grace, setting us free from atoning for our own sins — and certainly free from atoning for the assumed sins of our ancestors.

Woke evangelicals pollute God’s church with a false gospel that deviates from the grace that believers receive through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray we’ll stand against this spiritual pollution by holding fast to the Gospel that unites believers, regardless of skin pigmentation.

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