Saturday Sampler: September 13 — September 19

Regular readers know I really like the things Ryan Higginbottom writes for Knowable Word. His post this week, Bible Study is Painful, has a surprising honesty that will encourage even the most reluctant Bible student. Oh c’mon — you know I’ve got you interested!

As Leslie A of Growing 4 Life acknowledges, 2020 has been a very rough year. How We Shouldn’t Be (and Should Be) Changed in 2020 (PART 1) lists some interesting ways that Christians shouldn’t allow the craziness of this year to affect us.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you were Losing Discernment, pick up Servants of Grace News to see what James Williams advises. I think his article will help you understand what Biblical discernment really is and how to cultivate it.

In this current climate of thinking that every issue is of first importance, articles like Now We Can’t Even Watch Football by Melissa of Your Mom Has a Blog is wonderfully refreshing, This is one you really don’t want to miss.

Writing for Gentle Reformation, Jared Olivetti explains The Promise of Holiness and the most effective motivation for being holy. You’ll be surprised and encouraged by his perspective.

Some essays are short and sweet, while still proclaiming a powerful and convicting message. Elizabeth Prata writes Giving Grace in The End Time as one such essay. Boy, do Christians (especially those of us who use Twitter) need the reminder that Elizabeth offers!

Michelle Lesley brings back Unforbidden Fruit: 3 Ways Women MUST Lead and Teach the Church as a reminder of various ways the Lord has called women to minister. Although God’s Word makes it clear that women are not to have authority over men within the church setting, Michelle shows us ways that God actually has called us to serve..

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