Saturday Sampler: September 20 — September 26

Mike Ratliff explores Christlike Submission to Authority in light of this extremely bizarre election year. His post in Possessing the Treasure addresses our responsibility toward government when it begins demanding that we disobey God. It’s a sobering piece, but one we really need to read.

Responding to an unusual letter, Michelle Lesley writes The Mailbag: Lady looks like a dude? This article strikes a chord with me as, more than once. people have looked at my photo online and said I look like Gilbert Gotlieb in drag. Michelle will never know how much her answer encourages me!

Reprising an article by the late R.C. Sproul, the Ligonier blog answers the question: What If I Don’t Feel Forgiven? Many of us (myself included) need this reminder periodically.

Maybe we should think About Those Old White Men who influenced our lives, as Melissa at Your Mom Has a Blog suggests. Her thoughtful post offers gentle encouragement to reconsider popular attitudes toward old white men.

At The End Time, Elizabeth Prata writes You’ve heard that reading to your children is important, how much more so is the Bible? What a wonderful reminder of both the power of God’s Word and the tenderness of little hearts!

Leslie A makes a rare Friday appearance via Growing 4 Life by posting Do Not Judge? Drawing from Scripture, she looks at proper Christian judging — first the attitude we need to adopt and then the correct direction for making judgments. Her approach to the matter, while different than anything I’ve ever read, offers a Biblical perspective that we should think about.

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