Saturday Sampler: September 27 — October 3

Discernment is surprisingly practical, as Elizabeth Prata of The End Time demonstrates in How to Vet an Author: Example – Linda Dillow. Following the steps Elizabeth lays out provides a helpful guideline for determining an author’s reliability.

I trust you’re aware that October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Check out the Top 10 Ways to Appreciate Your Pastors During Pastor Appreciation Month that Michelle Lesley lists.

Continuing her reflections on 2020, Leslie A of Growing 4 Life writes How We Shouldn’t (and Should Be) Changed in 2020 (PART 2) as an encouragement to consider end time prophecy. She also encourages other responses and attitudes.

As his contribution to Gentle Reformation, Keith Evans gives us seven tips to employ when we catch ourselves Serving With Pride.

Writing in For The Church, Jim Elliff reminds us that False Teachers are like Spiders. Don’t pass this article over, assuming that you can figure out his analogy. You just might be surprised by the angle he takes.

Check out 10 Guidelines for Christian Voters, which Brian G. Najapfour lists on the Reformation 21 blog. I do wish he stood a bit more firmly on the abortion issue. I don’t think any Christian ought to vote for a candidate that supports the slaughter of unborn babies! Najapfour does discuss this matter, and he raises several other helpful considerations and suggestions to help us in the voting booth.

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