Saturday Sampler: November 29 — December 5

Responding to a blog post by Lauran Robinson, Elizabeth Prata wonders Where are all the discerning women? Elizabeth is known as the author of The End Time, a premiere blog for women which frequently features essays on discernment. So of course she offers good insight into the article Lauran Robinson wrote.

Those of you with little ones will appreciate Michelle Lesley for writing The Mailbag: What should we tell our kids about Santa Claus? Michelle bases her answer on Scripture while also showing us how to keep Christmas fun and use the myths about the jolly old elf to teach children spiritual truths. (Grown-ups can benefit from those lessons as well.)

If you’ve never visited Leslie A’s blog, Growing 4 Life, please start now. Her article entitled Fighting Germs demonstrates Leslie’s passion for teaching women to develop discernment. She also writes encouraging pieces challenging us to grow in Christ. Fighting Germs is a splendid introduction to her writing.

Although not the most pleasant read, Al Mohler provides helpful insight into current events with What Explains the Left’s Hostility to Religious Liberty? It’s All About the Sexual Revolution. Sure, his main point is obvious, and has been for decades. But few Christians understand the depth of investment the Left has in protecting and advancing its sexual freedoms. As persecution rises, we need to understand the root of the problem.

Reflecting on the recent death of Alex Trebek, Sharon Sampson contributes What Is…Truth? to the Gentle Reformation blog. She reminds us of basic questions and their Biblical answers as we contemplate life after death.

Sometimes what we know becomes a challenge to our faith, even as we trust the Lord’s sovereignty. Having unexpectedly lost his son Nick only a month ago, Tim Challies shares his struggle in I Fear God, and I’m Afraid of God. If you’re struggling with loss, this blog post might encourage you.

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