Saturday Sampler: December 6 — December 12

Clint Archer reflects on the importance of Bethlehem by writing O Little Town of Bethlehem in his weekly post for The Cripplegate. Far from a dry study of history, this piece inspires worship as we see God’s careful planning in the birthplace of Messiah.

Leslie A writes The Park is Closing in Growing 4 Life as a sobering, yet exciting reminder of our future as Christians. I love her ability to look beyond immediate circumstances to see the Lord’s sovereign hand in current events!

Addressing the controversy over Nativity Scenes and the Second Commandment that crops up this time of year, Michelle Lesley turns to Scripture. Take a few minutes to consider her perspective, and determine to hold whatever convictions you have on this matter with an attitude of charity towards Christians with different convictions. I appreciate Michelle for helping us think Biblically about the issue.

In a post for Things Above Us, George Alvarado writes An Open Letter to Afflicted Saints. If you’re going through trials right now, his words might encourage you. Then again, they might not. I’ll leave that between you and the Lord. But give it a try — maybe the Lord will minister to you through it.

Although Leslie A says that the park is closing, Elizabeth Prata assures us that It’s All OK in The End Time. Elizabeth isn’t ignoring the increasing turbulence of current events, but she knows Who has everything in His control. Please enjoy her words of comfort.

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