How Did We Get From John Adams To Joe Biden?

Despite the opinions of some politically conservative Christians, not all the founding fathers were Christians. My favorite founding father, John Adams, became a Unitarian at some point in his adult life (perhaps influenced by his wife Abigail). In fact, most of the founding fathers were influenced more by the Enlightenment than by the Bible.

Christians who profess to care about truth dare not twist history to suit their own purposes. John Adams himself said “Facts are stubborn things.” We might be tempted to lament the loss of a Christian nation, but facts challenge us to consider that the United States may never have actually been a Christian nation. Let us be careful to tell the truth even when it damages the narrative that we wish to promote.

Having said that America cannot be properly considered a Christian nation, we must also note that John Adams said that our Constitution was written for a religious and moral people. Furthermore, all the founding fathers — including Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson — lived under the assumption that religion meant some form of cultural Christianity. In that respect, we can say that America was indeed founded on Biblical principles.

Fast forward to 2021, and we see the obvious truth that Congress and the Executive Branch are working feverishly to abolish every vestige of Biblical principles that once undergirded our country. The persecution of Christians in Canada should warn us that our First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion isn’t as guaranteed as we might think. For the almost 6 years that I have been writing this blog, I have tried to warn my readers that Christians in the United States will suffer for our faith.

Many Evangelicals don’t yet see how the government has exploited the Covid-19 virus to gain control of us. I spoke with an evangelical friend Saturday afternoon who looked at me as if I was nuts for believing that the government is keeping us in masks unnecessarily. I’m sure she thinks I’m wearing a tin foil hat.

A year ago, I would listen to James White on his Dividing Line podcast and think he was delving too much into conspiracy theories about Covid. If anybody wore a tin foil hat, surely he had the biggest one…I thought. But as the year progressed, I watched more and more of his crazy predictions come true. It gets awfully hard to doubt someone when things happen exactly as he said they would!

Whether the Lord returns before you finish reading this blog post or tarries another 2000 years, we can’t deny that the human race is going from bad to worse. And the Bible foretold this degeneration.

But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. ~~2 Timothy 3:13 (NASB)

Indeed, government leaders believe all sorts of lies that result in laws and mandates contrary to God’s laws and mandates. As time goes on, many of government’s laws and mandates will demand that Christians compromise our convictions in favor of obeying secular leaders who have no regard for Christ. Masks may not be a moral issue in and of themselves, but our unquestioning compliance to continue wearing them once we’ve received vaccinations troubles me. What other government mandates will Christians obey without thinking?

I’m doubtful that even John Adams, who favored Federal control over states’ rights, intended for the scale of government overreach that characterizes the United States of America in 2021. Despite his religious and political flaws, he worked hard to establish a country that valued the individual freedoms of its citizens. Citizens that he assumed would be a religious and moral people.

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3 thoughts on “How Did We Get From John Adams To Joe Biden?

  1. Perhaps not Christian in the sense of everyone being devout, but biblical in allowing everyone to have freedom to pursue the life they wanted. You couldn’t do that just anywhere back then, and you can’t do that in many places still now.

    (I had to edit my comment down after reading your comment policy page, but I think you’ll get the gist.)


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