Growing 4 Life With Leslie A

Several years ago, I stumbled across a blog that (to my knowledge) doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves. Yet the lady who writes it consistently offers Biblical wisdom and discernment that challenges me to examine myself before the Lord. So I want to begin this series on recommended women bloggers and teachers by introducing you to Leslie A and her blog, Growing 4 Life.

Leslie shouldn’t be confused with Michelle Lesley, whom I plan to profile in a later article. Having said that, these two women have much in common, starting with their keen understanding of God’s Word and their desire to teach women how to apply it. Both firmly believe in the importance of Biblical discernment, and Leslie’s Learn to Discern series a few years ago provided excellent tools for developing discernment skills.

Discernment and an understanding of Scripture are essential to Christian growth. So Leslie, who runs a landscaping company with her husband, named her blog as both a homage to the landscaping industry and an encouragement to women as they grow in the Lord. As a result, she regularly challenges her readers to reject worldliness in favor of holiness.

Leslie’s emphasis on holiness often makes me uncomfortable. Her articles about television, for instance, used to anger me to the point that I openly accused her of legalism. The Lord graciously worked through her continued obedience to address the agenda of television producers until He brought me to repentance. After that experience, I’ve learned to welcome the conviction her posts invariably bring.

In fact, this lady’s courage to say things that will convict her readers has become the very reason I look forward to reading Growing 4 Life each Tuesday. Yes, I know she’ll say something each time that will expose my sin, but I appreciate the Holy Spirit for working through Leslie’s faithfulness to deal with me.

Lest you suppose that Leslie A is a self-righteous Pharisee, let me hasten to assure you that she openly confesses her own struggles with temptation and sin. She’s able to confront sin precisely because the Lord has brought her through so many battles in her own walk with Him. Yes, even with television! Her battles only increase her passion to see other women avoid the sins that once kept her in bondage. I don’t know about you, but I praise God for someone loving enough to encourage others to steer clear of hindrances that once crippled her.

But please don’t think that Leslie’s blog is all conviction and unpleasantness, An extremely gifted writer, she often takes a seemingly commonplace experience such as a day on the beach with her grandchildren and finds an astonishing spiritual application. Her ability to see Biblical truths in everyday situations testifies to her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and secondarily to the gift of writing that God has given her.

Her writing talents go beyond non-fictional pieces. Each December, Leslie treats her readers to a five part fictional story conveying Christian themes. Her characters grapple with difficult issues, to be sure, but they always find hope and grace through Jesus Christ. I, for one, look forward to her Christmas stories.

If you’re serious about growing in Christ, Growing 4 Life is the blog for you. Leslie A faithfully writes posts that draw us away from worldliness and closer to the Lord. It’s one of my favorite blogs ; maybe it will become one of your favorites as well.

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4 thoughts on “Growing 4 Life With Leslie A

  1. I’ve been subscribing to Ms Leslie’s blog for quite a while now. She is a gifted writer and a godly woman. I am grateful for her.


  2. I am so very humbled and incredibly honored that you chose to feature my blog today. Thank you so very much! In turn, I have been often challenged and encouraged by your blog, as well. I am so thankful that God introduced us to each other via the internet! 🙂


  3. Growing for Life is so balanced in the Word of the Lord. I always come away with something beneficial, pointing always to Christ! Thank you for bringing Leslie A to the forefront.


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