The End Time With Elizabeth Prata

When people ask me about Beth Moore, I immediately refer them to Elizabeth Prata. In her blog, The End Time, Elizabeth has the most comprehensive collection of articles on Beth Moore that I have ever seen. A former investigative journalist, Elizabeth has carefully researched Moore from many different angles, and therefore has written and compiled critiques that cover her topic thoroughly. In my estimation, Elizabeth is the foremost authority on this false teacher.

But The End Time is about so much more than just Beth Moore. In addition to reporting on a variety of false teachers, Elizabeth also writes about Biblical prophesy and practical aspects of Christian living for women.

Elizabeth came to Christ relatively late in life (I believe she was in her 40’s), but she has grown in maturity remarkably fast. Her writing shows that maturity in both her theological knowledge and her tone. She is unapologetic in confronting error, as she should be! At the same time, she writes with grace and compassion toward women who find themselves caught in deception. To top it all off, she displays beautiful humility in her willingness to receive correction.

Many of Elizabeth’s essays guide her readers through Scripture, often quoting commentaries by sound Christian expositors — both from the past and the present. She has no interest in novel approaches to “Christianity,” preferring to exalt Christ as He revealed Himself in His Word. The commentaries she uses underscore her commitment to Scriptural fidelity.

Perhaps this commitment fuels her diligence to carefully research whatever topic she writes about on any given day. When a reader opens one of Elizabeth’s blog posts, she can be sure that Elizabeth isn’t speaking off the cuff. I don’t always agree with every jot and tittle she puts forth, but I do always feel confident that she has done her homework before typing an article. For that reason I trust her overall knowledge of the Bible and her discernment.

I appreciate Elizabeth’s ability to faithfully blog seven days a week. This feat impresses me because she works full-time as a teacher’s aide in an elementary school, is active in her local church, and authors a personal blog called The Quiet Life. The intensive effort she expends on The End Time is all the more remarkable when you realize how much she does in other areas of her life.

That passion has led her to begin a podcast on which she reads each post. The End Time podcast is for those who might not have time to read an essay, but could listen while driving or doing housework. Spotify hosts The End Time Podcast. You’ll find links to each podcast at the beginning of each post.

Clearly, she has a passion for discipling other women. As a matter of fact, Elizabeth firmly believes (in accordance with Scripture) that women should teach only women in a church setting. Although she knows men sometimes read The End Time, she specifically writes it with women in mind. She knows how much fluff out there passes for women’s Bible Study, and she works to lead her readers to solid doctrine. Admittedly, she doesn’t write actual Bible Studies on her blog (when would she have that kind of time?), but she definitely teaches Scripture in the majority of her posts

I couldn’t close this recommendation without mentioning Elizabeth’s love for Biblical prophesy and studies of eschatological matters. She’s infinitely more knowledgeable on those topics than I’ll ever be, so you’ll want to go to her blog for discussion on them.

Don’t miss The End Time as a part of your blog reading, ladies.

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