MichelleLesley.com With (Obviously) Michelle Lesley

It doesn’t seem possible that anyone who regularly reads The Outspoken TULIP would need an introduction to Michelle Lesley and her blog. Of all the women bloggers in Reformed circles, she is probably the best known. Celebrity status? Well, not quite. But hardly some obscure housewife with a meager following!

That said, I want to recommend MichelleLesley.com in this concluding article of my series on trustworthy women Bible teachers because she offers Biblical wisdom that few women receive. On the off-chance that you’ve actually never heard of her, I take pleasure in making her blog available to you.

I suspect most people regard Michelle as a discernment blogger because she frequently writes about popular evangelical teachers. In fact, just today she published an article evaluating Jen Wilkin, explaining her reasons for not recommending Wilkin. Over her years of blogging, Michelle has written about several teachers women should avoid. such as Beth Moore, Priscilla Shrier, Lysa TerKeurst and Christine Caine. Michelle makes it clear that she doesn’t have time to research every teacher thoroughly (her primary ministries are to her husband and children), but she definitely documents her findings quite well. Her website includes a list of Popular False Teachers and Unbiblical Trends, as well as a list of Recommended Bible Teachers.

Discernment is only one aspect of Michelle’s online ministry, however. Her overarching goal is to disciple women. She rightly asserts that discernment is just one element of Christian discipleship, not an end in itself. Therefore her blog covers a wide range of subjects, all related to the three umbrella areas of discernment (which I’ve already discussed), church involvement and Bible Study.

Michelle’s husband has served as the Minister of Music in a couple of churches, giving her a perspective that laypeople rarely have. She well understands the necessity of being committed to a local body of believers, and of attending services regularly unless circumstances make it impossible to do so.

Of first importance, she teaches, is doing your best to find a church that handles the Word of God properly, even if you need to drive two hours each way or move to a town that has a good church. She does understand that churches which teach God’s Word rightly are few and far between — her readers often write to her complaining that they can’t find faithful churches. In response to these frantic readers, Michelle has compiled a number of resources for those who are searching for a new church.

Many of Michelle’s articles focus on the roles women have within the church. As a firm complementarian, she offers strong Biblical explanations as to why women must not teach men in the context of church, Sunday School, co-ed Bible Studies and/or Christian conferences. She shows us all the wonderful ministry opportunities God does give women, encouraging us to serve the Lord in the ways that He provides.

The Lord uses Michelle to teach women’s Bible Studies, a ministry very dear to her heart. Each Wednesday her blog features a Bible Study in which she leads her readers to dig into the Scriptures for themselves. Her approach encourages women to study the actual Word of God directly as opposed to depending on a popular Bible teacher (even a solid one) to spoon feed them. Yes, her studies require ladies to work, but that work brings healthy spiritual growth.

In recent years, the Lord has expanded Michelle’s ministry by allowing her to co-host a podcast with Amy Spreeman. A Word Fitly Spoken offers women a chance to think through various issues as Michelle and Amy discuss them. Since Amy also has a background in discernment ministry, many of their episodes look at current teachers and trends that pull evangelical women into deception.

There’s more I could tell you about Michelle Lesley. But I’d rather have you read her blog and listen to her podcast for yourselves. I promise that you’ll find her to be an invaluable resource for your growth as a Christian woman.

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