Saturday Sampler: January 2 – January 8

I haven’t been able to curate articles for Saturday Sampler columns in quite some time, so I’m delighted to get back to them. The Lord wasted no time in providing the first one for me to share.

Starting The Cripplegate off for 2022, Dan Crabtree writes Lions Are Lurking Outside My Door! And Other Excuses We Might Make This Year for us to consider. The post is as good as its title!

In a post for Knowable Word, Ryan Higgonbottom encourages us that You Don’t Have to Read the Whole Bible This Year. He helps us reconnect with the reasons God wants us in His Word as opposed to fleshly reasons for reading a quota of chapters each day. If yearly reading plans leave you feeling defeated before you even start, read Ryan’s article and enjoy Scripture on whatever timetable the Lord provides for you.

If you’ve been exposed to all the vitriol against Calvinism lately, read Twin Truths by Lesley A. Leslie authors Growing 4 Life, a blog that consistently pulls readers back to Biblical teaching and practical application. This particular blog post gives much needed encouragement to those of us who endure ridicule for holding to Reformed theology.

Are You A Church Hopper? asks Robin Self of A Worthy Walk. She explores reasons why people move from church to church, and offers suggestions on how to stay committed to a solid church once we find one.

You’ve got to read How Can we deal with knowing someone we love is probably in hell? Elizabeth Prata of The End Time writes a must see essay that points our grieving hearts to Christ. As someone whose close family members died without evidence of saving faith, I found tremendous comfort in Elizabeth’s words, If you only read one blog post in this sampler, please make it this one!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: January 2 – January 8

  1. Thank you for sharing this article! I checked out the information and found wonderful knowledge to use. I even started following Knowable Word, and a book on their website I ordered that could help me with bible study! Thank you so much DebbieLynne, your sister in Christ, Deborah

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  2. Thanks for sharing my post. And for sharing the other posts. One was of particular relevance to me at this time and I am thankful, as always, for God’s timing.


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