Saturday Sampler: January 9 — January 15

This week, Michelle Lesley answers an intriguing question by writing In The Mailbag: Is it OK for women to teach the children’s sermon? Her response raises fascinating issues that had never occurred to me, but are definitely worthy of consideration. She even suggests that a woman giving a children’s sermon is secondary to another question Christians might want to ask.

Leslie A and her husband own a landscaping company. In Without Excuse, an article she writes in Growing 4 Life, she shares a frustrating situation with some of their customers as an illustration of how dangerous it is to ignore God’s Word.

Writing for Tabletalk Magazine, Jonathan T. Penninton examines The Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard by looking at the broader context of the passage. Why did Jesus originally tell this parable? What happened just before He told it? And how does understanding its context (or the context of any portion of Scripture) help us to make a correct application?

Why should Christians oppose Gender Affirmation Surgery? Calvin Goligher explains its shortcomings and destructive effects in an article for Reformation 21. I wish he had supplemented his argument with Scripture, but I appreciate his powerful use of basic human biology to make his case. Moms, this is definitely a post you’ll want to use as you talk about gender identity with your teenagers.

The past week, we’ve witnessed another angry backlash against John MacArthur on social media because of his call for U.S. pastors to preach on Biblical sexuality tomorrow. According to Elizabeth Prata in her essay, Satan roaming, MacArthur standing for The End Time, the outcry and dishonest attack on this pastor demonstrates spiritual warfare. Find out how she comes to that conclusion.

If your child is in his or her final semester of high school, you’re undoubtedly swimming in college brochures right now. Thanks to the G3 Ministries Blog, Becky Aniol offers helpful guidance. How to Choose a College: 5 Biblical Questions gives parents (yes, parents — not kids) a wonderful framework for selecting the right school. I hope you’ll find it useful.

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