Saturday Sampler: January 16 – January 22

I start writing my Saturday Samplers early in the week, putting up each article as I read it. So I always feel hesitant to feature one of Elizabeth Prata’s essays in The End Time on a Monday, aware that Elizabeth will most likely produce even better posts later in the week. But Sin on the railroad tracks deserves attention. It wonderfully captures the heart of what’s happening in our world, while reminding us why Christians need not despair.

I didn’t expect Elizabeth to produce something the very next day. Are usurping authority and teaching two different activities or are they the same? therefore caught me by surprise. Elizabeth answers questions that I’ve been grappling with lately (mostly in the context of an online conversation with an extremist), and I greatly appreciate her Scriptural balance on how women can serve the Lord and His church.

Regular readers of The Outspoken TULIP have noticed increasing references to Biblical Counseling in recent weeks. Happily, Michelle Lesley helps explain it with Dale Johnson — An Intro. to Biblical Counseling. Follow her links if your church would be interested in this type of training.

What does it mean to take the name of the Lord in vain? Mark McIntyre, author of Attempts at Honesty, provides his Thoughts on the third commandment that broaden our understanding of the matter. You might want to consider his point of view.

Christians have good reason to be concerned about Canada’s law against “conversion therapy.” But Christians also have good reason to have hope despite this sinful law. Eric Davis of The Cripplegate writes What Canada’s Bill C-4 Can & Can’t Do to help us understand both the seriousness of the situation and the power of our sovereign God. Whether you feel indifference about the law or are fearful of it, you really need to read this one.

I wish a lot of things about me had been more Biblical 23 years ago when I taught the Sunday School class for Middle School kids in my church. Most specifically, I wish I’d read How Delightful to Study the Bible with Middle Schoolers by Peter Krol in Knowable Word. His experience once again assures me that kids best thrive when they have the opportunity to interact on a more mature level. Parents can adapt Peter’s approach to use in family devotions with their older children.

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