Saturday Sampler: January 30 — February 5

I like reading Knowable Word, especially when Ryan Higginbottom writes. In Context Matters: Righteous Deeds Are Like Filthy Rags, he shows the true intent of Isaiah’s statement. Hint: it’s not really a verse for evangelism. I would, however, use it in witnessing to people who adhere to works based religions, Higginbottom seems to have overlooked thoughts point. Even so, his primary observation deserves notice. Hopefully it will encourage you towards a little self-examination.

Tedd Mathis at teddmathisdotcom offers insights On Cell Phones and Potty Runs and Our Word of the Day with the most entertaining blogging I’ve seen in quite a while. But don’t let the fun fool you — he makes a necessary point on our attitudes towards the Lord’s Day.

Why in the world would Clint Archer of The Cripplegate begin an article by telling us about the most exclusive credit card that American Express offers? Read Exclusive Access For Believers Only to find out.

As a compliment to the article by Tedd, Leslie A of Growing 4 Life discusses The Power of Distractions affecting 21st Century Christians because of technology. Though not a fist-shaking polemic against the Internet and its spawn (after all, she obviously used a device to write and disseminate her blog post), her piece offers practical advice on protecting our devotional times from interruptions,

In Throwback Thursday ~ Context Message Me, Michelle Lesley reprises one of her posts from 2013 in order to demonstrate the harm of quoting anything — and especially the Bible — apart from its textual, historical and cultural context. Remember that real discernment absolutely depends on a correct understanding of God’s Word. Michelle gives a few simple guidelines on proper interpretation.

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