Saturday Sampler: February 13 — February 19

Elizabeth Prata asks Can we eat the meat and spit out the bones? Regular readers of The End Time can already figure out her answer to the question, but her reasoning leading up to the answer is well worth reading.

You may wonder, Why Should You Study the Bible? Drawing from her own journey with the Word of God, Leslie A lays out some helpful principles in her Growing 4 Life post. Even if you already study the Bible regularly, Leslie’s encouragement serves as a great reminder of how the Lord uses His Word in our lives.

I don’t know much about Paul Tautges or his blog, Counseling One Another, so I can’t fully endorse him quite yet. But if God’s Anger Can Open the Door to Experiencing His Mercy is indicative of his theology, you may see me recommend more of his posts in the future. His points here challenge popular evangelical assumptions by measuring them against Scripture, As a result, he presents a balanced picture of God’s character. If you’re going through struggles, this perspective will give you great encouragement.

Peter Krol of Knowable Word gives Ten Commandments for Commentary Usage. His guidelines are probably the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ll definitely use them in the future. I particularly appreciate his consistent emphasis on choosing commentaries that pull us back to Scripture itself. Thank one deserves your time.

I love finding articles that reinforce and add to the themes of The Outspoken TULIP, so I really love Dustin Benges’ latest piece for Ligonier. The Necessity of Sound Doctrine doesn’t take long to read, and it offers tremendous insight into the importance of doctrine.

John and I have been going through significant trials lately, so reading Warren Peel’s The Curious Ways of God in Gentle Reformation assures me that God isn’t neglecting us. If you’re also experiencing difficult times right now, please take a few minutes to read this devotional. I pray that the Lord will comfort you through through the Scriptural application that Peel makes.

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