Saturday Sampler: February 20 – February 26

What does consulting with a cardiologist have to do with spiritual matters? Go to Your Mom Has a Blog, where Melissa uses her own medical situation to explore The State of a Heart. Her musing might inspire you to look at your heart. It also might give you some unexpected reassurance.

In None of Us Will Ever Forget What You Did, Tim Challies narrates an alternate version of the Prodigal Son parable. In addition to making us grateful for our heavenly Father’s extraordinary mercy, this retelling can cause us to examine times when we withhold forgiveness from each other. Don’t miss this remarkable piece of writing!

Clint Archer writes Dances with Wolves: Recognizing False Teachers for The Cripplegate, using the epistle of Jude as his framework. If you want to develop discernment skills, Archer demonstrates how Scripture lays the foundation for doing so.

As my regular readers know, Growing 4 Life is one of my favorite blogs. Leslie A often gives shape to the vague hunches that float around the back of my own mind, confirming that I actually do have a Biblical perspective after all. For instance, The Road is Wide and Has More Than One Lane clarifies some of my recent ideas about disagreements among professing Christians.

I agree with Elizabeth Prata: We need to know history. In this essay for The End Time, she begins by making the case that understanding the past protects us from repeating our mistakes. That information would have been more than satisfactory, but Elizabeth goes the extra mile by recommending a wide variety of books covering four centuries of American history. Bookmark that post and use it to assemble your next reading list.

Right when I needed information on Jennie Allen, Michelle Lesley publishes Jennie Allen and IF:Gathering to warn women against this popular teacher. Not only does Michelle document objections within her post, but she attaches several resources supplementing her concerns. If any of you follow Jennie Allen, I implore you to read this article immediately!

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