Saturday Sampler: February 27 — March 5

Disappointment holds the danger of hardening a heart toward God. In The Sanctification of Disappointment, Leslie Schmucker of Therefore discusses ways to avoid that danger by redirecting our attention to Scriptures about God’s sovereignty and goodness. If you need encouragement, this is the article from you.

Losing a parent is bittersweet, especially when you know that parent is with the Lord. Tedd Mathis writes My Dad. God’s Grace in memory of his 95-year-old father, who passed into glory forty-eight hours after preaching his final sermon. Tedd blogs at teddmathisdotcom.

Clint Archer, in his post for The Cripplegate, presents three Silver Bullets for False Teachers that will help our discernment. Next week he plans to provide three additional silver bullets. Actually, these bullets are already available through Scripture, but a good reminder never hurt anybody!

As a child, I learned to recite: “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Praise God that For The Church refutes this balderdash with Jared C Wilson’s post, The Weightiness of Words. This article reminds us that what we type on a keyboard or speak with our lips has tremendous power to either wound or encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Reflecting on the suffering of Christians in Ukraine, Leslie A calls us to ask ourselves What Really Matters When Life Falls Apart? Her article, appearing in Growing 4 Life encourages us toward godly priorities, with a surprise admonition at its conclusion. No, I won’t hint at the surprise — I want you to read it for yourself.

The End Time, written by Elizabeth Prata, came about largely because of Elizabeth’s passion for Biblical prophecy. Therefore she pays the attention to current events. But she’s also aware that we live in increasingly scary times. So her essay, God’s sovereignty brings peace to the soul in troubled times, reminds us that God hasn’t lost control, and explains why we can continue trusting Him.

Michelle Lesley, having raised six children, well understands the challenges of getting kids to act appropriately during church. She also understands the distraction unruly children can be to adults who want to worship. In Oh, Behave! Training Your Child to Behave in Church, Michelle gives practical advice to parents regarding this important matter. She includes a section on dealing with special needs children, which I appreciate.

Hopefully would you like a second helping of Michelle Lesley? Her blog post, Forgiving Like Kings and Servants, walks us though Matthew 18:21-35 to make practical application about our responsibility to forgive those who wrong us. She even answers questions about forgiving those who don’t apologize or repent.

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