Saturday Sampler: March 20 — March 26

If you’ve been followmg Clint Archer’s series on identifying false teachers in The Cripplegate, you’ll want to read his concluding post, Rescued from Flaming Unbelief. And he’s supplied links to his three previous installments for those who have missed them.

Having just been introduced to The Bible Nerd by Cindy Matson, I can’t fully recommend her blog as yet. But if Prayers for a Critical Heart is any indication of her theology, I’m all in! Her words here draw from Scripture, asking us to examine why we hasten to criticize others. I was convicted a few times as I read the article, and I’m grateful for the conviction.

Writing Communion, The Lord’s Supper: Taking it in this Unworthy Manner?, Elizabeth Prata takes a deep dive into the meaning — and seriousness — of the ordinance in The End Time. She covers a lot of ground, backing up her observations with substantiation from some of the most reputable commentaries ever written.

Chip Thorton at Know. Grow. Go. addresses the stubborn problem of people claiming to have heard directly from the Lord. His post, “God Told Me”, goes over the time honored arguments against personal revelation, and I guess one could make the case that his piece is repetitive and therefore unnecessary. Sadly, evangelicals persist in thinking God speaks to them apart from Scripture, so we need constant reminders like this one.

I did it again the other night. Someone said something I didn’t want to hear, and I reacted angrily. So I appreciated Michael Couglan’s article in Things Above Us, What Causes You to Sin? His points are both convicting and encouraging.

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