Saturday Sampler: March 27 — April 2

Unlike a certain person who writes polemical articles without corroborating evidence, Dan Crabtree adds to the ongoing conversation exposing Hillsong. His piece in The Cripplegate, A City Set on a Hillsong: Why Light Can’t Worship with Darkness, walks us through the pitfalls of singing Hillsong music.

As both a former investigative journalist and now as a blogger who writes discernment posts, Elizabeth Prata understands the temptation to be a muckraker. In Did you know where the term muckraker came from? You might be surprised, she provides an interesting history of the term that actually points us to Christ. Elizabeth blogs at The End Time, always seeking to exalt the Lord.

Over at Growing 4 Life, Leslie A asks What Is Your Price? As false teaching proliferates among professing Christians, this question can’t be asked too often.

Michelle Lesley shares her thoughts On those recent accusations against John MacArthur and GCC with her characteristic wisdom, grace and firmness. She makes me wonder if I made a mistake in linking to the article by Julie Roys Monday. Of course, my purposes were different from hers, but I admit being disheartened that more of my readers clicked the link to Julie Roys’ article than clicked the link to the articles by David Morrill examining Roy’s allegations. Perhaps Michelle takes a more Christlike approach to the controversy than I did.

The stage production of Peter Pan included a catchy song called “I Won’t Grow Up” that my sister and I used to sing as kids. Writing for Know. Grow. Go. (a G3 Ministries blog), Chip Thorton muses on The Peter Pan Generation and its influence on what church. Maybe that catchy song wasn’t as cute and innocent as I thought.

Not surprisingly, Elizabeth Prata writes another essay that I need to recommend this week. Why you should not consume bad Christian books/movies tackles the problems that come when we think things are acceptable just because they’re marketed to evangelical audiences.

The Massive Value of Unpaid Work by J.K. Wall appears in Gentle Reformation, offering much needed encouragement to those of us who don’t work for monetary compensation. I share this piece particularly for stay-at-home moms — you ladies need constant reminders of how valuable your service really is. That goes double if you homeschool!

I know I’ve already given you one post from Michelle Lesley, but Mythbusting Complementarianism: 4 Truths Egalitarians Need to Know About Complementarians is too important for me to neglect. Having tangled with egalitarians more often than I care to remember, I appreciate Michelle’s Biblical response to their tired assumptions about us. Her answer to the charge that men brainwash us deserves particular notice.

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