Saturday Sampler: April 3 — April 9

Tim Challies offers wonderful counsel with his piece, Don’t Waste the Days When You Feel Little Need for God. I know that most of us (including me) are currently going through some severe trials right now, but perhaps some of you are actually enjoying a season of relative peace and therefore would benefit from his perspective.

If you need Reminders About Disciplining Children, look no further than Michael Couglan’s blog post for Things Above Us. I love his mixture of Biblical wisdom and common sense.

I love the story of Thomas Cranmer, who accepted martyrdom for his faith during the reign of Bloody Mary. Clint Archer opens Trial & Denial: Are You Ashamed of Christ? in The Cripplegate. Yes, you’ll probably feel a little convicted at first, but ultimately I think you will be very encouraged.

As Passion Week approaches, we naturally focus even more on the cross than we usually do. Accordingly, Cindy Matson of Bible Study Nerd writes a moving devotional study unpacking the glorious truth that He Was Crushed for Us. You may think you understand what it means that Jesus was crushed for us, but Cindy does a little word study to help us dig a bit deeper into exactly how He was crushed. I think her insight will enhance your worship during the upcoming holy week.

Don’t overlook Growing 4 Life, in which Leslie A expresses her thoughts on Considering Our Legacy to future generations. In an age that discounts the value of godly motherhood, her message restores proper perspective. I only wish she had added encouragement for those of us who haven’t been blessed with children of our own. But that’s really a minor point. On the whole, her encouragement to mothers and grandmothers shouldn’t pass us by. I strongly urge you to read her wise counsel!

Kevin Halloran’s post in For the Church intrigued me. I was on the website looking at a different post when his title, When Prayer Makes Anxiety Worse, caught my eye. Halloran works through the familiar passage in Philippians 4 that we all recite to ourselves when worry strangles us, but then he explains it with the verses that follow to give us a fuller appreciation of how real prayer calms us.

According to Stephen McAlpine, The Virus is Spreading to Australia, where its former Chief Heath Minister finds it difficult to answer the question, “What is a woman?” It’s almost comical, except that this virus of gender correction is spiritually deadly.

In The End Time, Elizabeth Prata reminds us of The beautiful work of the Holy Spirit in our sanctification. I don’t want to elaborate on her words — I’d rather you read them for yourselves.

Although Jennifer Buck and have followed each other on Twitter for a fair number of years, I’d never known that her godly marriage had once been riddled with abuse. Through the G3 Blog, she tells A Story of Restorative Grace as an encouragement to women in abusive relationships.

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  1. I actually did add a paragraph about this after you mentioned it. I commented back to you right away that I would do so but you probably missed it. I thanked you for that reminder and made the adjustment that same day! 😊


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