Saturday Sampler: April 10 — April 16

I’ve left churches for right reasons, and once for a wrong reason. I’ve seen friends leave churches, usually for wrong reasons. When The Great Resignation Comes to Church by Tim Challies pulls back a curtain on the hurt caused when Christians leave churches without valid reasons. If you’re considering making a switch, this article may help you evaluate your motives.

Christ’s crucifixion fulfilled prophecies that, logically, couldn’t possibly have been fulfilled. In The Odds of Calvary, Clint Archer of The Cripplegate selects just three of the many Messianic prophecies as a glorious demonstration of the Lord’s sovereignty in His own death. Don’t assume Clint’s article is a dry and dusty theological treaties. It’s actually a wonderful treat that will increase your awe of Christ’s work on the cross.

Stop by the G3 Blog to read John Sweat’s warnings about The Dangers of Heartfelt Ignorance as he gleans insight from a character in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. If you’ve never read Pilgrim’s Progress, Sweat might just inspire you to do so. (Hint: I just downloaded a free Kindle version of Bunyan’s classic last week.)

Writing for The End Time, Elizabeth Prata shows us how Jackie Hill Perry rejects discernment talk about her false prophecy. I don’t really care to spotlight JHP herself, other than to say I had expected better of her, but I believe the way Elizabeth analyzes her statement against discernment bloggers teaches us skills in examining defensive statements such as this one.

Michelle Lesley reminds us of The Daily Wonder of Easter as she meditates on the truth that Christians can never hear the Gospel too often. She also shares Easter with the King: The Story of Nabal, Abigail and David, which she adapted from a women’s Sunday School class she taught on Easter Sunday 2014. The latter post helped me make sense out of a Bible episode that has perplexed me for 50 years.

I enjoy reading The Cripplegate. Almost every article is outstanding, and full of rich, solid teaching that helps us grow in our walks with the Lord. But Teach Them What the Bible Doesn’t Say by Dan Crabtree is particularly stellar! It provides interesting instruction on proper Bible interpretation that can sharpen our discernment and therefore protect us a little more from false teaching.

Since I’m currently reading 1 Kings, Peter Krol’s God’s Word Fulfilled in the Book of Kings caught my attention. This short post in Knowable Word might encourage you to read this admittedly daunting portion of Scripture as it unveils God’s commitment to His Word.

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