Saturday Sampler: May 1 — May 7

One of my favorite memories from my three months in Wales is visiting the ruins of a 12th Century castle. So Like a Ruined Castle by Tim Challies caught my eye. Challies makes a marvelous analogy between castles and the state of humanity.

We’ve all encountered Jehovah’s Witnesses, and most of us (if not all of us) have fumbled and stuttered as a result of their verbal gymnastics. Thankfully The Cripplegate features Christology for Visitors by Clint Archer to help us use Colossians 1:15 to show Scripture’s presentation of Christ’s deity. This post is a handy resource for dealing with anyone who tries to deny that Jesus is God. I’ve bookmarked it on my computer for further study — you might want to do the same.

Sharing her discoveries on That Elusive Contentment, Leslie A of Growing 4 Life tackles an issue common to women. With her typical transparency, Leslie begins by confessing her own battle with a chore she doesn’t enjoy, testifying that God used her daughter to adjust her attitude. She then takes us to the Bible and leads us in applying it to our struggles with discontentment.

Denny Burk makes a careful analysis on Overturning Roe and the Attempt To Delegitimize SCOTUS that we really ought to read. Obviously, we’ll have to keep praying until abortion is totally abolished. Still, Burk’s words help us understand where we are in this battle to save unborn children.

Even if you don’t have children, check out Beautiful Motherhood: A Mother’s Day Bible Study by Michelle Lesley. Her studies don’t spoon feed women, so plan to budget time to work through her questions. You’ll learn a few things that could enhance your mothering capabilities.

Please read It was never an option on the Flawed and Faithful blog. It’s a moving and tender testimony of one mother’s courageous choice to put her children before her own convenience.

On Counseling One Another, Paul Tautgus enumerates Ten Reasons We Should Pray for the End of Legalized Abortion. He supports all ten points with the Word of God, including his concluding one emphasizing God’s compassion toward those who have participated in this evil. If you’re not convinced that abortion must be abolished, I hope you’ll prayerfully consider his arguments.

Continuing his series on using Bible commentaries, Peter Krol of Knowable Word cautions us that The First Commentator to Plead His Case doesn’t necessarily have the right definitive understanding of the passage he exposits. Find out why reading a plurality of commentaries gives us a healthier approach to studying God’s Word.

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