Saturday Sampler: May 8 — May 14

Why didn’t I post each of the essays on those women of the Middle Ages who gained celebrity as mystics that Elizabeth Prata wrote in The End Time last week? She wrote five of them (including an introduction), which would have dominated Saturday Sampler and excluded the other fine articles I wanted to feature. But she opens Medieval mystics: Conclusion with links to all the previous installments in the series. If you’re too busy to read them, she has a podcast where she reads each essay, so you can listen while driving or doing chores.

Many evangelicals think doctrine is boring and irrelevant. Clint Archer’s Meeting your Maker: Christ & Creation defies that erroneous assumption by showing Christ’s relationship with creation and how false religions distort that relationship. This post, if properly understood and applied, will do more than equip you to answer heresy; it will enhance your adoration of the Lord Jesus Christ!

In Growing 4 Life, Leslie A shares insights on The Apostate Church with a helpful history on how the visible church declined over the past century or so. She includes interesting observations and encouragement toward a Biblical response to the situation. I suggest reading her article in conjunction with Elizabeth Prata’s Can you be an ‘ex-Christian’? for a fuller understanding of apostasy.

Jason A. Carter contributes to the Reformation 21 blog with his analysis of Two Temptations for the Post-Covid Church. I hope his article will help you avoid both spiritual heart failure and spiritual nerve failure.

I greatly appreciate Tim Challies for writing Keys To Knowing God’s Will for Your Life this week. If Christians would simply follow the Biblical principles that he lays out, they could significantly reduce the anxiety they feel about major life decisions.

Some people erroneously teach that baptism is necessary in order to be saved. Tedd Mathis of tedddmathisdotcom muses On Baptism and Acts 2:38 with evidence from the Bible that baptism can in no way be a prerequisite to receiving God’s forgiveness. Take a few moments to read this brief but helpful study.

Most of us struggle to “set our minds on things above” as Colossians 3:1-2 commands. Andrew Kerr, in his column for Gentle Reformation, paints a picture of True Heavenly-Mindedness for us to consider. Heavenly-Mindedness might be more down-to-earth than you think.

Continuing his series on the proper use of commentaries on the Knowable Word blog, Peter Krol asks Which Voice Delights You Most? I absolutely recommend this post as probably the heart of this entire series. Please don’t overlook this wonderful and encouraging discussion of where commentaries fit in to healthy Bible study.

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