Saturday Sampler: May 22 — May 28

Using a little humor to demonstrate his point, Ryan Higginbottom of Knowable Word shows The Absurdity of Using God’s Word Out of Context. Don’t let his bit of fun fool you though; he actually presents a serious case regarding one of the most important subjects Christians face. Stick with it to the end, where you will find refreshing encouragement.

Distinctions make all the difference, especially in talking about God and His dealings with us. In The End Time, Elizabeth Prata answers the question, Revelation, or Inspiration? So many evangelicals have difficulty making the distinction between the two, fueling confusion and false teaching that results in seriously weakening the church.

Are you enjoying Clint Archer’s series on the Person and work of Christ as much as I am? His latest post, The Goldilocks Effect: Christ the Sustainer, is fascinating from a scientific standpoint alone. But Archer merely uses the science as a launching pad that propels us into adoration and worship. You’ll find his marvelous piece on The Cripplegate.

In his post for Gentle Reformation, Keith Evans gives us 5 Considerations of an Action to think about. He challenges us in uncomfortable ways, to be sure, but perhaps those challenges are exactly what we need as we progress in our sanctification. If you’re tempted to skip this one in order to avoid conviction, it’s most likely just what you need to read. 🙂

Are All Abortions Equally Heinous? Writing for Stand to Reason, Amy Hall gives the answer Christians should expect with an argument that we might not expect. She makes no compromise with worldly ideology, but she closes with words of grace and compassion for those who have aborted their children.

Leslie A of Growing 4 Life reflects on a recent conversation in an airport that provided her with Something to Think About. She makes some observations and conclusions that are disturbing, especially to parents. I struggle to believe everything she says because I don’t want to accept what probably are hard facts. But I completely agree with her that we must consider the probability that our children are in danger from their school systems. Thankfully, Leslie also suggests strategies for protecting our children against indoctrination.

Speaking of children and indoctrination, have you wondered how to keep your kids from unbiblical attitudes regarding sex? If so, Pastor Tedd Mathis shares practical tips in Advice For Parents: Four Principles To Guide Regarding the Subject of Marriage and Sex on tedddmathisdotcom. He draws heavily from Scripture to substantiate each point, encouraging parents to do the same.

The series on Commandments for Commentary Usage that Peter Krol has been running in Knowable Word has benefited me, and I hope it has helped some of you as well. This week, he explains that Not All Commentaries are Created Equal and shows us how to determine which commentary gives the best assistance in studying a text. He even links to a list of commentaries that model the most text-driven arguments in understanding a passage.

Its been a while since I’ve shared anything from R. Scott Clark’s The Heidelblog,but his post, Winsome Is The New Nice, changes that trend. I’m not sure I agree with him on every single point he makes, but overall I think he has valid insight on this current conversation within evangelical circles. And his primary points are definitely spot on!

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